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Lesil Image Lesil is a lifelong Alaskan who grew up in the district, graduated from Dimond High and returned to the state after earning her juris doctorate from Willamette University. She followed her father, whose tour with the Public Health Service brought their family to Alaska, into public service when she was elected to the State House at the age of 29. As a legislator, Lesil has dedicated herself to serving her community and ensuring Alaskans’ voices are heard in Juneau, nationally and internationally. Read Lesil's Full Bio...

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Reasons for McGuire

(Inspired by son Grayson)

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Inspired by "Dumb Ways to Die" (Metro Trains Melbourne, Australia), John Mescall, and Ollie McGill from The Cat Empire.

Music production by Eric Redding; Vocals by Sarah Page; Lyrics written by Grayson McGuire-Anderson and Lesil McGuire

Alaskan Jobs
The Economy

I recognize that private sector investment, not government spending, is the only way to sustainably grow our economy. That said, government can partner with the private sector by creating opportunity and encouraging innovation.

    • I worked to foster new value-added industries in Alaska like coal-to-liquids, biofuels and shellfish farming.

    • I set up a loan program for small businesses to provide the capital they need to invest in energy efficiency projects.

    • I helped create a revolving loan program which will create an estimated 2,000 construction jobs retrofitting public facilities and reduce annual costs to state or local governments by millions of dollars.

  • Energy
    North to the Next Emerging Market

    Energy is the foundation of our economy and our future. Alaskans want to live, work and invest where energy is available, affordable and reliable. Meeting our energy needs require solutions to today’s challenges and investments in tomorrow’s opportunities; but most importantly, it will take leadership.

    • I led the effort to incentivize new exploration for natural gas in the Cook Inlet and to develop a bullet line to bring North Slope gas to Alaskans.

    • I passed several pieces of legislation that reduced regulatory barriers for renewable energy projects and generated more private sector investments in wind and geothermal projects in our region.New Energy Takes New Exploration...

    • I established an Emerging Energy Technology Fund that has pushed Alaska to the forefront of energy research and the development of new technologies.

    • Incentivizing New Oil and Gas Development...

  • Education
    We must ensure our schools are the best they can be

    If we are to have a vibrant, globally competitive economy we must ensure our schools are the best they can be. I will continue to push for smaller class sizes and access to cutting edge technology for our kids.

    • By cutting energy costs for schools we can free up funding for more teachers and smaller classes.

    • Together we have made sure our teachers have access to cutting edge teaching technology with smart boards and our children have access to computers.

    • Many of our school libraries and textbooks are outdated. I have worked hard to get new, up to date, materials and learning tools for our students and teachers.

  • Interview
    Meet Lesil McGuire

    Lesil McGuire for Lt. Governor

    At the Home of Governor Bill Sheffield
    3125 Susitna View Court in Turnagain (map)

    Tuesday September 10th, 2013
    5:00 - 7:30 PM